Peak Reside is a Property Solution
& Investment Service
We've got you covered

We offer a trusted, reliable and profitable property management service.

We save Landlords time and money, whilst ensuring that Investors & Tenants have the best value for their money


We save LANDLORDS time and Money. We earn passive income for INVESTORS. We give TENANTS a home they can trust.


Let's do the work for you

We offer a trusted property management service that provides management services to landlords, HMOs, property investors, and tenants.  Our services to landlords guarantee rental revenue, freedom from tenancy management, total peace of mind, effective property management, and protection against damages. TOO MUCH This area of service covers Landlords in London and it’s surroundings.

We are transparent, honest, and consistent offering an independent and focused approach that ensures we add value to landlords, investors and tenants. We reduce the time you spend managing your property or sourcing for an ideal place to call home.

Our mission for tenants is to create a resident where tenants can be home proud without the hassle to them. A wellbeing hub where harmony is promoted in a serene environment.


Properties & HMO investors, we got you covered

Lets do the work, while you earn passively


We provide what every Landlord needs.

Are you a Landlord that wants peace of mind and the under listed:


Beautiful & affordable houses for home sharers

We offer a suitable accommodation that guarantees comfort

we add value
Peak Reside

Why Choose Us

Guaranteed fixed rental income for Landlords

No delayed or missed payment.

Efficient Maintenance Management

We take care of your property and provide day-to-day upkeep at no extra cost to you.

Effective Tenant Management

A robust tenancy management approach.

Hassle free Approach

We don't stress you while we get the job done.

Guaranteed Returned on Investment

Your money works for you.

Professional Tenant Profiling and Referencing

Our network ensures that your property is always filled.


Send us an enquiry

We will be glad to receive your inquiry via our form, through WhatsApp, email, or even a call.

Meeting & Inspection

We will meet to clarify expectations. We also do a detailed inspection of the property involved.

Contract Execution

We draw up a clear and concise contract that is centred on a win win approach.

Property Management & Reporting

We take care of your property and maintain it to a high standard. We will also carry out any minor repairs at no extra cost to you.